Visions of Cthulhu

Created by New Comet Games

A deck of tarot sized cards with images, dreams, and visions for your horror role-playing games and storytelling

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Visions: Shipping Damage
8 days ago – Sat, Aug 06, 2022 at 11:49:30 PM

We are well into shipping and have shipped about half of the gypsum limited edition boxes. 

Several of these broke. If yours arrived in tact, please email me and tell me. 

If yours was damaged, please email us directly at and include pictures and include a picture of the bottom so we know what number was damaged. Since these were limited edition, these will have to be replaced with the same number as what was damaged. If you had #30/50 before, you will receive #30r/50.  

We obviously need to go back and figure out how to pack these to keep them from breaking. 

Thank you for your patience.


The Cards Are Here!!
14 days ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 04:07:14 AM

We left for a small vacation and of course the cards showed up while we were gone. We returned and the cards are here and look great!!

We are going to begin shipping right away. We sent a message to lock addresses, this is to give you a chance to change your address if you have moved. If your address has changed, please change it right away!! We are going to begin shipping tomorrow.

Look for our newest Kickstarter launching later this week, Zeta Complex, a new Savage Worlds Setting.

Until next time - Keep on Gaming! - Ben

July Update: Almost Here!!
25 days ago – Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 08:26:33 AM

The cards are in the USA!! We just have to wait for them to get to us and we can begin shipping!! 

We'll post as soon we know more. You have probably gotten notice that we are locking orders. We want to begin shipping as soon as they arrive. You have 48 hours to add anything else you wish to add, or make any changes. We will be charging cards very soon as well, so make sure the card information is correct, or funded.

For those who have not completed your surveys (especially those in Canada and Europe) please do so ASAP. We still have a bit of time, as we are awaiting the newer wooden boxes, but not much longer. 

Looking forward to getting these awesome cards out to you soon.


We also wanted to let you know of our upcoming Kickstarter, Zeta Complex: Mankind's Last Hope. This is a new Savage World's setting that is a dark humor sci-fi role playing game. We are very proud of it, and is one of my favorite role-playing games right along side Call of Cthulhu. While CoC is a great dark sinister serious RPG, Zeta is very light hearted RPG with lots of deaths and clones to keep you in the game. 

Just going to drop this piece of artwork, from Metal Robot, who will be doing the main artwork for the game. You guys are the first to see this!

Until next time, keep on gaming! --Ben

Visions: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 09:10:00 PM

We wanted to give a quick update as something significant happened yesterday, and we have been scrambling since then. 

Let's start with the Good. The card production has been completed and is on their way to us, and should be arriving mid-to late July. 

The Also Good: They sent 2 decks via DHL and they arrived yesterday. OMG!! these things are beautiful. The art just pops off the cards, and the vision on the reverse is easy to read. The quality is top notch and they are very thick and durable. 

Now lets jump to the Ugly: The cards are really high quality, but in upgrading the cards, it made the deck closer to 1.5" thick and not the standard 1.25" for a tarot deck which is what we had the wooden chests built to. The cards are 7 cards too thick and the wooden chest will not close. We never connected those dots, and we have been scrambling since we realized this yesterday to come up with a solution. 

Back to the Good: The Gypsum chests were made larger and have no issues with the thicker cards. So no worries on that front. 

As for the wooden chests, New Comet Games went back to the original manufacturers and are having 100 new chests made that will be 1.625" deep and be able to handle the thicker card decks. 

More Good: We are trying to source some cool Cthulhu Tarot cards that are the 1.25" size to go into the smaller boxes, so if that interests you, let me know and we can look to sell those separately. If there is enough demand, we will look at including it as an Add On to Backerkit since we have not locked orders yet you could add it. 

Now for the Bad: The new wooden chests will not be completed until late August to September. This will delay receiving your rewards for those who ordered the wooden chests. The original projected date was Aug 2022, so we are still hoping most people will receive their orders before the end of Aug, but some may spill over to September. 

Thank you for your understanding and being such great backers. 

Until next Time, Keep On Gaming. --Ben

Visions of Cthulhu: Backerkit Launched
2 months ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 06:03:19 AM

We have launched backerkit and it is now live for everyone. 

You should have received a link to enter your address and pay any final shipping charges. 

If you live in the DFW area, will be at the Lone Star Game Expo, or will be at the Long con in Nov, you can choose Local Pickup and we can arrange for a drop off. 

If you did not receive a link, please contact us, so that we may correct that.

Until next time, keep on gaming. --Ben